Born: Aug. 10, 2016

Location: Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Dawensley was born on August 10th, 2016, in a place named “Cap – Rouge” of Haïti. Cap – Rouge is countryside. The weather is a bit warm but not all the time. It’s about 29.1 Celsius degrees almost every year. The people who live there generally cultivate their farms and raise some animals. They are religious. Most of them go to church every Sunday. Dawensley lives in Cap – Rouge with his grandmother. He is six years old. He is a healthy child. His father’s name is Fritzner and his mother’s name is Marie. They are farmers. He has six siblings. He is in primary school. He is in first grade. He is a good student. He enjoys playing with his friends in the neighborhood in his leisure time. He lives in a house made with rocks, wood and roof of sheet. They have some furniture inside of their house. The child is facing a bad situation. His parents are not able to take good care of him. He is living a miserable life with his grandmother. When it comes to living with grandparents in Haiti, that explains that the economical situation of the child’s parents is really bad. These children who live in this situation don’t have the same advantages of others. Dawensley is in need because he is one of these children who experience this bad situation. His parents have a lack of means to help him out. They have seven children to feed every single day. It is not easy at all for them. They live from hand to mouth. The condition of their lives is terrible. They are looking for some help for Dawensley and the other children because feeding seven children these days and providing to their basic needs is not easy.


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City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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