Mission Team Calendar

Sat 04th Feb 2023 - Sat 11th Feb 2023 Molly's Team
Fri 03rd Mar 2023 - Sun 13th Nov 2022 Team Hope
Fri 17th Mar 2023 - Sat 25th Mar 2023 Good Samaritan
Fri 24th Mar 2023 - Sat 01st Apr 2023 Good Samaritan
Thu 11th May 2023 - Sun 21st May 2023 Bay Roberts
Sat 26th Aug 2023 - Sat 02nd Sep 2023 St. Andrew's
Fri 22nd Sep 2023 - Sun 01st Oct 2023 Ontario Team
Sat 05th Aug 2023 - Sat 12th Aug 2023 Port Perry
Sat 08th Jul 2023 - Sat 15th Jul 2023 Bridgewater

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