Mission Statement

Recognizing the needs of children and the fact that God loves children, that children had a special place in the ministry of the Lord Jesus, The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission Inc. is a Bible based, evangelical ministry committed under God to:

  • Responding to the needs of children, be they physical, emotional, material, and/or spiritual.
  • Responding to the cry for help from local churches and groups of believers in developing and/or poor countries in their efforts to help and minister to children.
  • Responding to the desire of Christians in North America and other countries to reach out and help children of the world, this by:
    • Providing the opportunity for prayer support.
    • Providing the opportunity for financial support.
    • Providing the opportunity for Christian service.
    • Providing a credible means whereby children can be helped.
    • Providing food for the hungry.
    • Providing water for the thirsty.
    • Providing homes for the homeless.
    • Providing healing for the sick.
    • Providing opportunities for teens from Canada and the U.S. to visit various countries and to participate in doing medical work, construction, relief, development and evangelism.

    We recognize that many people have a real burden, a need to reach out to, and help children but do not know where to start, or what to do. The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission will facilitate such a need.

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