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6.7% (1.2 million persons)


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East Africa

AOJ Ministry:

Since 1990

The mission in Kenya began with a small sponsorship program, seeking to provide care for 9 orphans in the Mathare Valley, a slum in Nairobi. The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission now supports children in Greater Nairobi through partnership agreements with various local church and non-governmental organizations who administer the funds directed to children's homes and school sponsorhip programs.

Ministry Partners

Program Partners

AIM International, Baringo & Kajiado

Redeemed Gospel Church, Korogocho, Nairobi

Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center/Highridge Academy, Nairobi


John Ole Karrinkai

Magdaline Gitahi

Euticauls Wambua Nzengu

Featured Partner

Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center/Highridge Academy

KBYC was started in 1984 by Pastor David Kiatu as a vocational training center, where unemployed youth were taught marketable skills such as woodwork for the boys and dressmaking for the girls. KBYC is located on reclaimed land which used to be a quarry right next to one of the biggest garbage dumps in greater Nairobi. In fact you can stand in the school yard and watch local entrepreneurs sorting through the garbage for plastic bags which they wash in a filthy stream so that they can sell them for a few pennies.
In 2002 Pastor Euticauls Wambua, a graduate of the KBYC trade school, returned to the center and along with Pastor Kiatu, started a non-formal elementary school - Highridge Baptist Academy. They started with just a few preschool-age children and added one new class each year, inducting new preschoolers while continuing to cater to the children already enrolled. The school now has facilities for baby through class 4 and there are 210 students enrolled. The youth center and the school operate on faith, with no government funding. When the funds run low, teachers are not paid and children have to survive without their lunch that is normally part of the program. It costs the school approximately $400.00 per month alone to maintain the lunch program. When I visited them recently, they had sufficient rice and beans to feed the children for 10 days and no more money to buy food after that.

Yet everyone at KBYC is content, confident that God will provide

If you feel called to support one of the children for whom the staff of KBYC/Highridge Academy are caring, please contact us.

Missionary Profile

The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission is pleased to sponsor Maureen Aderoh.

Sponsored Teacher

Maureen Aderoh Adhiambo, My Story

Nairobi, January 18, 2010

​My name is Aderoh Adhiambo Maureen, born on 29th September 1985, a born-again Christian, I love the Lord as my personal Savior.

​I come from Kisumu (Nyanza Province) at a place called Nyahera. ​My dad's name is Jonah Racho Aderoh; he is a teacher. My mum's name is Millicent Atieno Aderoh, a business-woman.​In my family, we are five children and I am the first-born. Our second-born is George Kevin Aderoh and he finished Form Four last year. Third-born is Pauline Sharon Aderoh; she is in Form One. Fourth-born is Mercy Awour Aderoh; she is also in Form One. Last-born is Derrick James Aderoh; he is in Class Four.​I used to live in Kitale and went to school at Kitale Academy Primary School. I finished my primaty education in the year 2000 and attained 345 marks. I went to Manor House High School in 2001 and left there in 2004. Later I went back to Greenfields Girl's School to repeat Form Four in 2005. In 2006, I went to Oson's Business Management in Naivasha to study computer packages. In 2007, I went to Kitale Technical Training Institute (KTTI) for a certificate in IT. I was to continue with my diploma in Information Technology, but my dad lost his job and my siblings needed school fees; so it was hard for me to continue my studies. I started to look for a job with the little knowledge that I had, in order to save money so that I could go back to college. This was not possible, so I gave up college in 2007.​It has been so hard for me and my family in rural Kenya, as my dad has not succeeded in finding another job and my brother need funds to go to college and there is no money.​It is my prayer that one day, God is going to answer my prayers and i will be able to return to college so that I can study in order to build my future.​I am really inspired to be a computer techician in the future and I believe God is going to see me through this dream by his grace. Above all, I thank God for how far He has brought me, because He is EBENEZER and His mercies endure for ever.​I love the children of God and I am glad to have the opportunity to serve them at the Youth Center in the slums of Korogocho.

Maureen Aderoh Adhiambo

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