June 15, 2012

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Woodson was born on June 15, 2012, in a place named Cap – Rouge. Cap – Rouge is a nice countryside located in the mountain far from the city. The people who live there don’t have the same advantages like those who live in the cities. They don’t have electricity. They often use lamps to light their house especially at night. Some of them use solar panels or inverter to find energy. There are lots of gardens and trees in that area. Woodson is a little boy living over there. He lives with his parents. He has one sister. He attends a primary school in this area. He is in the second year. He doesn’t work very well at school. He is used to getting by. He is eight years old. He is a sickly child. He likes to play children’s games with his sister. His parents live in a house made with stones, woods and roof of sheet. Their house has two rooms; a dining room and a bedroom. Inside of their house they have a table, beds, chairs, kitchen’s objects, garden’s tools etc. His family uses rain water and water from a water tank to drink. They utilize wood to make fire in order to cook their food. Woodson is running into a lot of difficulties since his family is having a terrible economic situation, and he relies on them to pay his tuition fees so that he can go to school. Life is very expensive for his family. Almost everything costs a lot of money. His parents are willing to send their son to school, but unfortunately, they have a lack of means. Woodson’s parents would like to find a financial aid to assist him especially with his education.


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