June 13, 2018

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Woodson lives in a place named “Cap – Rouge”. Cap – Rouge is a great place located in a mountain. There are a lot of farmers who live in this countryside. They work on their farms. Some of them have some animals to feed in order to sell them in the markets. Woodson lives in this place with his parents and his four siblings. He is three years old. He attends a preschool in this area. He likes to play football with his friends in his leisure time. He is not a healthy child. He often has headaches. His family lives in a stone house with four rooms and a sheet roof. Inside their house they have a table, some chairs, beds, dishes, spoons, pots, cupboards, garden tools and other objects. They drink water from a water tank. They use wood to cook their food. They use a lamp with gas to shine in their house at night. His parents have many problems; they are living from hand-to-mouth. They don’t have a high paying job but they have a great number of children to provide food for every day. Their income is not enough to sustain the family. The situation is difficult for them. Life is challenging. Woodson’s parents would like to find a sponsor to help support their son with his studies.


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City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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