Born: Sept. 1, 2018

Location: Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Sterlin is a little child in a place named “Cap – Rouge”, of Haiti. Most of the people who live there are farmers and land owners. They also raise some animals to sell when they need money to purchase things they need to survive. They rely on agriculture to make money. Sterlin lives in Cap – Rouge with his parents. He has two siblings. He attends a preschool in this area. He is a good student. He enjoys his school program. He is not a healthy child. Sometimes, he has fever. His parents live in a house made with rocks, wood and a roof of sheet. They don’t have a water tank. They usually walk a lot to find water from natural source. They use wood to prepare food in their traditional kitchen. They rely on agriculture to provide food or needs for the family. Unfortunately, this industry is no longer profitable because the land is not very productive as it is used to be and the life becomes very challenging. They are facing some economical problems. They don’t have possibility to assist their children well. They live from hand to mouth. That is to say their income is not enough to purchase food for the family every day. Sterlin is in need because his parents don’t have enough means to answer to all his basic needs. He has to go school to receive a good education but his parents cannot afford that. This is the reason why his parents would like to find help to take good care of him.


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Country: Haiti

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