Born: July 28, 2015

Location: Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Shaëlka is a little haitian girl, in a place named “Cap – Rouge”. Cap – Rouge is a countryside. The weather is calm but sometimes it’s cold. The majority of the people who live there invest their money and time in cultivating their farms, raising some animals like: goats, cows, chicken, donkey. They usually depend on agriculture to take care of their family. Shaëlka lives with her parents. She has two siblings. She attends a primary school. She is a good student. She likes to study her notes. She is a sickly child. She often has fever and headache. Her health is not well. She likes playing with her friends in her spare time. She lives with her parents in a house made with rocks, woods and roof of sheet. They use wood instead of an oven to prepare their meal in the traditional kitchen. They are running into some economical problems. They cultivate their gardens to provide food for their family. They often sell their products to the markets to buy something for their needs. Nowadays, the products of the first necessities are very expensive. As a result, they are no longer able to sustain their children and give them everything they need. She just started her classical studies. Her parents don’t have enough means to support her. They are willing to offer her a good education, but the situation is terrible. They try to do their best to feed them every day. They would like to find help to assist Shaëlka all her basic needs.


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City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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