Rose Kerline

June 12, 2007

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Rose Kerline Tanis is a healthy but small child. She is thirteen years old, and has five siblings. She is a good student, and is in seventh grade. She likes playing with her friends. She also likes doing the dishes, and helping her mother at home in her spare time. Rose lives with her parents in Cap-Rouge in a house of four rooms made with blocks and a roof made of zinc sheets. They have a table, some chairs, a cupboard, some beds and other small objects. Kerline’s parents do not have a job. They do work in their garden and rely on income produced from that. Her father also helps others in their area in selling animals at the markets. This helps to provide their large family with their basic needs. Everything is so costly in the country of Haiti. To provide an education for all of Rose’s siblings, is next to impossible. Rose’s parents are looking forward to finding someone who will help their daughter Rose through sponsorship, to receive a good education, for a better future! WOULD YOU BE AN ANGEL IN ROSE KERLINE’S LIFE?


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City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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