Luis Gustavo

Born: Oct. 28, 2019

Location: Parramos, Guatemala

Luis Gustavo, is a beloved child, he enjoys playing soccer with his older brother, his new brother was born this year and he wants him to grow up soon so that he can play with them; He will study the next 2024 in AOJ, the grade of K4. His parents, Mr. Luis is 30 years old, he is a responsible father, he does not drink alcohol, his wife Mrs. Brenda is 31 years old, dedicated to the care of their children, on August 17 of this year, their baby, Juan, was born, is growing healthy and beautiful; His eldest son is Jefferson, 10 years old, he studies fourth grade in primary school. The family lives in a borrowed house, they share services with their parents, they have a block room, a bed, a wardrobe; all kitchen utensils belong to their parents and they share them. The young couple wants their children to have a better future and be professionals.


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Name: Luis Gustavo

City: Parramos

Country: Guatemala

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