April 15, 2014

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Jonayda is a seven-year-old who lives in Cap – Rouge with her father and mother. Cap – Rouge is countryside. There are tons of fields and trees in this place. Most of the people who live in this place are farmers. They also raise a lot of animals like: goats, pigs etc. They sell them in the market to make enough money to take care of themselves and their family. Jonayda is in the first grade at a primary school. She is a good student. She has three siblings. She is not really healthy. She is used to having fevers and colds. The family lives in a house made with stones and a sheet roof. Inside their house they have cupboards, chairs, a table, beds, kitchen items, gardening tools etc. In this area they drink rain water and water from a water tank. They often use wood to make fire in order to cook their food. Jonayda lives in a poor family. They live from hand to mouth, relying on the harvest from their fields to provide for their children. In fact, the soil doesn’t produce well, and the income from their harvests are not enough for all their needs. They can’t make ends meet, that is to say they barely have enough money to survive. Jonayda is living in a bad situation. Her parents don’t have the possibility to assist her with her education. They are looking forward to finding a financial help so that they can be able to support their beautiful daughter with her education and her physical needs as well.


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