Jeferson Alexis

Feb. 19, 2017

Parramos, Guatemala

Jeferson is fun, he enjoys playing with his little brother, this year he feels happy because he can paint, and he has fun activities in the guides that his teacher sends him to advance his learning at home. He has shown intelligence and wants to learn to read and write very soon. This year he studies at AOJ, through guides that his teacher sends him and he has proven to be a very responsible child. His parents, Mr. Cristobal Batzin is 30 years old, who works on a rose-growing farm, left home a few years ago, but has always been present in their children's life and on weekends he spends more time with them; Jeferson´s mother, Mrs. Rosa Elena is 25 years old, she takes care of their children during the week, and on weekends she works as a food processor in a shopping center, what she earns serves to cover the needs of the home because it is not enough the money they receive from Mr. Cristobal; Liam Yeray is 3 years old, he is the little brother and is not studying yet. The family's home is their own, it has a room made of block, it has two beds and a wardrobe; the kitchen is made of block, it has a small gas stove, but they also cook with firewood; the house has water and electricity. This young mother wishes that her beloved Jeferson Alexis have a better future.


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City: Parramos

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