Geremy Eliseo

April 2, 2017

San Luis Pueblo Nuevo Parramos, Guatemala

Geremy is the oldest of 3 siblings, he has shown to be tranquil and well educated. He loves his sisters and enjoys playing with them; This year he will study at Noah's Ark here at AOJ. He recognizes some colors and also some numbers. His parents are Mr. Antonio who is 25 years old and works as a salesman in a grocery store, he comes back home every month to be with his family, and Mrs. Diana who is 25 years old, she is a very dedicated mother as she always looks after her children: Javier who is 2 years old, Anyeli who is 2 months old and Geremy. The family's house is rented and made of block, as furniture they have 2 beds and a wardrobe, they cook with firewood, but they also have a small table stove. The family wants Geremy to have a good education and to become a professional.


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Name: Geremy Eliseo

City: San Luis Pueblo Nuevo Parramos

Country: Guatemala

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