Sept. 14, 2007

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Franceska is a beautiful little girl. She is thirteen years old and is a healthy child. She lives in Cap – Rouge with her family. She has seven siblings, and is the fourth born child in her family. She attends school, and is in the sixth grade. She is a good student. In her free time, she likes to play with children’s games, with her friends who live in this area. Franceska’s family lives in a house made with stones and a roof of zinc sheet. Inside their house, they have a table, some chairs, beds, and a cupboard. They get their water from a water tank in their area. They use wood to cook their food as they don’t have the possibility to buy an oven or charcoal. Their economic situation is terrible. They are unable to provide support for further education for their daughter, as farming is not producing enough to provide them with a living. This is the reason why they would like to find help through sponsorship, to assist Franceska with a good education. WOULD YOU BE THE ANGEL IN FRANCESKA’S LIFE?


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Name: Franceska

City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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