Erick Santiago

Aug. 20, 2016

Parramos, Guatemala

Erick is a very nice, friendly and happy boy, who is very smart! He likes to know more about everything around him. He is excited by the idea of going to school, and has dreams of having many friends to have fun with. His favorite hobbies are playing ball and with toy cars. Erick's father is Eriberto who is 31 years old, and dedicated to working in the fields to provide what is necessary for his family. Erick’s mother is Ana Marleni who is 30 years old and dedicated to the care of their children and home. Erick's little brother, Cristian Samuel, is 9 months old, and is a healthy little boy. This family’s house is a small house made of block, with a roof made of zinc sheets. They have drinking water and electrical services, and they cook with Wood and sometimes with gas. WOULD YOU BE AN ANGEL IN ERICK´S LIFE?


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Name: Erick Santiago

City: Parramos

Country: Guatemala

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