Djouvemica Desulme

July 6, 2016

Cap Rouge, Haiti

CHILD NAME: Djouvemica Desulme BIRTH DATE: July 6, 2016 VILLAGE: Cap Rouge FATHER’S NAME: Jean Rene Desulme MOTHER’S NAME: Yolene Francois NUMBER OF CHILDREN: 1 FATHER’S OCCUPATION: Farmer MOTHER’S OCCUPATION: Farmer FILE # Djouvemica is 4 years old, and is attending school in 2nd grade. She spends most of her free time playing with her little friends in the neighborhood. Djouvemica lives with her mother and father. This family is living in a little house made of wood, rocks and metal sheets. They only have one bed and one table as furniture. They use rain water to drink and for household use, and when it doesn’t rain they walk far to find water. Djouvemica's situation is the same as lots of children in Cap Rouge, as she lacks the basic necessities. Even her education is not secure as her parents are poor and have no chance of improving their situation. These parents need help for Djouvemica to remain in School for the chance of receiving a better future. WOULD YOU BE THE ANGEL IN DJOUVEMICA’S LIFE?


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Name: Djouvemica Desulme

City: Cap Rouge

Country: Haiti

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