Diego Antonio

Oct. 23, 2017

Parramos Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Diego obedient and pays attention, he also recognizes colors and besides he already knows how to count from 1 to 5, this year he is part of Noah's Ark Class, although he is working with the school guides from home, and he has shown to be excited about doing the assignments, he also enjoys coloring. His father, Mr. Osman is 35 years old, but who is sadly unemployed now, since last year he lost his job and has not found one yet, but he is a hard-working man and looks the way to provide for his family. Mrs. Mirna, his wife lost her job as well, but when she was fired the company where she was working as a waitress in Antigua gave a small art of money and they have invested it because they both had the idea to sell some grains from home, while they find a job as they both pray to get one. The older sister is Paola who is 13 years old and is in 7th grade, she attends the school in her community. The house is made of block and it has two rooms; as furniture they have 2 beds, and in the kitchen, they have a gas stove, a cupboard, a table and 5 chairs. Both parents wish to have a better opportunity for their beloved Diego and to be a professional in the future.


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