Davensky Marc

Feb. 24, 2014

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Davensky is a little boy who attends school, in faith that a sponsor will be found. He is in 1st fundamental grade. He likes to play soccer and fly a kite with his friends. This family is living in a little house made of wood, rocks and metal sheets for a roof. They have one bed and one table as furniture. As other families in this area, they get their water from rain, and if it doesn't rain they walk far to find water, and then carry it over their heads, or on an animal's back. They use wood sticks to cook with, as they cannot afford a gas stove. Normally this family rely on farming to survive, but lately they are not getting enough rain, as the drought doesn't permit their harvest to get ready. The children are always sick, and their situation is very difficult. This family is lacking everything, so they are looking for help to send Davensky to school for a good education, and for life’s basic needs, as any child deserves. Davensky’s mother has witnessed the positive impact from the Arms of Jesus sponsorship program. She is reaching out for a good Samaritan to offer a brighter future for Davensky. WOULD YOU BE THE ANGEL IN DAVENSKY’S LIFE?


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City: Cap-Rouge

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