Dara Sabdi

Born: Sept. 15, 2019

Location: Parramos, Guatemala

Dara is 3 years old. She is the last of four siblings. She is loved by her siblings and her mother. She has always enjoyed the time that her siblings are at home doing their homework because she plays school. For this reason she recognizes some colors, body parts and some letters. She started studying K4 at AOJ this January 2024. Her mother, Mrs. María, is 38 years old. She is a hardworking woman, and at this moment she has been going through very strong pain in her life, since her husband, Mr. Víctor, died a few months ago. This separation has been painful for the family. They collaborate to get ahead with household expenses; their older child Mayerli works; Anderson is 18 years old, he is in 12th grade of administration at AOJ; Sherly is 14 years old, she is studying; and Anyelin is 6 years old, a kindergarten student at the Public School. The family's home is made of block. It has two rooms and a kitchen. In the room there are 3 beds and 2 wardrobes. They have water and electricity. The family wishes that their beloved daughter Dara has an opportunity to study and thus a future full of opportunities.


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Name: Dara Sabdi

City: Parramos

Country: Guatemala

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