April 24, 2018

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Anthonio is a twin. He was born on April 24, 2018, a day after his twin. He was born in a very difficult circumstance. His brother was born at home but he had to go to the hospital because his mother's health was not good. He is a very interesting boy. He loves to play. He is in good health. He lives with his father and mother. It’s preschool first year. He loves school very much. His father and mother are farmers. They live in Cap-Rouge which is a rural area of Cayes-Jacmel. The family lives in two rooms. It is built of wood, stone and masonry. The roof is covered with canvas. In order to care for the family, they have to work hard. But often the crops do not give good results. This often makes it difficult for them to meet the needs of their children. As for Anthonio, they hope to send him to school this year but there is little hope of how they will fare. Life is very expensive, the situation is difficult. That's why they are looking for help to see how they can keep up with Anthonio at school, in clothing and most importantly, in everyday food. Anthonio's parents would be very happy if they could find someone to help them with Anthonio.


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City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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