Angelo Lamartiniere

May 9, 2006

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Angelo Lamartiniere is a little Haitian boy. He is a smart student, who succeeded in his final exam for grade six. He has now started seventh grade this year. He is fourteen years old, and has two siblings. Sometimes Angelo feels under the weather, but always finds time to help his father in the garden. He lives with his parents in a house made with stones and a roof of zinc sheets. Inside their house, they have a table, some chairs, beds, cupboard, and a wardrobe. In the area where they live, they must walk up to two hours to find water to drink. It is not easy for them at all. They use wood to create the fire to cook their food. Angelo’s parents are running into economic problems. Life is becoming very expensive in our country. They want to help their son with his education, however they don’t have the opportunity to pay the tuition fees for all their children. They are living from hand to mouth. WOULD YOU BE THE ANGEL IN ANGELO’S LIFE?


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