Alexandro Jefferson

Born: April 30, 2019

Location: Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Alexandro Jefferson Celestin was born on April 30th, 2019, in a place named “Cap – Rouge”, a communal section in Cayes – Jacmel in the south – East of Haïti. Cap – Rouge is a good countryside. The people who live in this place don’t have the same advantages as those who are in the cities. This place is not electrified yet. Most of people use their lamps to light their houses at night. However, those who have means, buy solar panels just to have their own energy to light their houses. Alexandro is a handsome boy. He lives in Cap – Rouge with his mother. He is the only child of his family. He is in 2nd year Kindergarten at AOJ school. His family is really facing some hard times. In his leisure time he likes playing Hide – and – seek with other children in his area. His parents live in a house made with blocks and roof of sheet. Their house has two rooms. Inside of their house, they have a table, some chairs, beds, kitchen tools, cupboards, garden tools. They use water from water tank in their area. They have to walk a little to find it. They use wood to make fire to cook their food. They use traditional restroom for their physiological needs. They use lamp or candle to light their house. The parents of Alexandro are facing a bad economic situation. The life becomes very expensive these days in our country. The high price of the gasoline increases the price of almost all the products of the first necessities. That accounts for the cost of living in Haiti. Alexandro’s parents would like to find a financial help for their son's education and provide to his personal needs as well.


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City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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