​​The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission

You Don’t Need to Pay Me!


Dr. Sam Martin

Let me begin by wishing you and yours a ‘Blessed New year’ and assure you, I pray the Lord will bless you in every way in the months ahead!

Over the years I often became discouraged when I heard Church leaders say, “We cannot get anyone to serve! We need workers for Sunday school, youth ….. And … but no one responds to our cries for help.” The list goes on. Of course as a Pastor, I had been in their shoes. So often we hear people say/sing “I surrender all” but then find they are too busy to make themselves available to serve God.

Well at the end of the year, a young lady who had grown up through the Mission and who had just graduated from our High School asked to speak with me. She began by sharing how blessed she had been as a Sponsored child, and how she loved every moment studying at the Mission School. She hugged me with a big smile of thanks and appreciation.

Then she startled me by saying, “Pastor Sam, I would like to work at the School for at least a year, even before I seek to enter a career.” Before I could respond, she said “and I will work for nothing, you don’t need to pay me!”

As I looked at this bright young girl, my eyes filled and I felt a lump in my throat. She came from a poor family, she could move out and start working and earn a salary, but she wanted to stay at the Campus, do whatever needed done, and she would not expect payment. To say I was deeply moved would be to understate the emotions I felt. I quietly thanked God for such a spirit.

Of course as she serves with us, she will be financially looked after and we know the Lord Himself will bless her.

My friend, are you willing to serve the Lord Jesus even if you are not paid? Have you given your all to Him? He gave His all for you!” Why not take a few moments in this New Year and give yourself, all that you are and have to Christ?