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Minnie Mouse and a Sponsored Child


Dr. Sam Martin

Honestly, it was one of the most moving moments in the four Graduation Ceremonies in Guatemala, and there were many!

It is an honor for me to speak at the graduations of our School in Guatemala and honestly it is such a blessing! I had my addresses prepared, but then something happened that made me change the address for the Primary School. I received an email with a picture attached – let me share the picture:

Yes it was a picture of Minnie Mouse, taken on a Disney Cruise. If you look closely you will notice Minnie is holding a picture and has her arm around a special boy.

Now you might be tempted to ask, ‘So – what is the big deal?’ Well, the picture is of a girl sponsored by the boy’s Family! Honestly, they were on a cruise with their son Daniel, and not only was he introduced to Minnie Mouse, but they showed her a picture of their sponsored child in Guatemala, Ailyn Dyanna.

I was stunned! On a vacation and yet they carried a picture of Ailyn with them. Now that is love! Minnie not only held the picture, but kissed it! Everyone in the audience was absolutely amazed. Amazed that the family carried the picture of their special sponsored child with them, even on a Cruise.

My mind took me to the words of Paul to the Philippians (Chapter 1 v 7) where he says, “It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, since I have you in my heart.”

The Fost Family from Newfoundland Canada has their sponsored child in their heart and everyone was amazed as I shared the story, then presented Ailyn with the picture! Needless to say, the young girl had tears running down her face.

Would it be nice if we kept each other and others in our hearts? Thanks to the Fost family for being so faithful and kind. See picture of Ailyn at the graduation.. Wow, sponsorship is special!