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The Impact on a life as a result of Mission Teams!


Dr. Sam Martin

During the year it is an honor for us as a Mission to facilitate and receive ‘Mission Teams’ for service in Guatemala. These Teams come from across North America and give themselves sacrificially to serve from 7 to 14 days and give themselves to ‘Evangelism, Construction, Teaching, Food Distribution, Medical Outreaches and so much more. Truly they bless the people of Guatemala and we thank God for each and every Team.

However, we are increasingly aware of the impact on Team Members, the blessing they receive from our Staff, and the People we serve and I thought it would be good just to share a few testimonies from Team Members, trusting they will be an inspiration to you.

A Pastor wrote: ‘The effect of this Mission experience had on my personal and spiritual life was to focus more attention on people. I often become overly concerned for the organizational work that I loose time with people. In Guatemala, my focus was entirely upon the team, leaders, teachers, volunteers, children and wider community. As for future interest in Mission, I am very committed to supporting and encouraging His Church to give, pray and go

A Team member wrote: ‘This trip has brought me so much closer to God. Preparing for this Mission Trip brought me back to God after years of turning my back on Him. Seeing what we have in comparison to what the people in Guatemala have, has me more thankful to God for my life and I just want to be closer to Him, and to serve Him with all my heart.’

A Young man wrote: This Mission had a great effect on my life. To be able to experience such a part of the world and come back to our own world and see it with new eyes. Everyone should have to take a trip like this.’

A Lady wrote: ‘This was an amazing experience from the beginning. From the moment we arrived at the School to the very last day, I loved every minute of it and feel so very blessed to have been part of it.’

Other comments included: ‘I left a large part of my heart in Guatemala; I want to go back ever year. I was so humbled by the experience. I learned to speak the name of the Lord more clearly.’

We could fill a book, even a library with testimonies and we humbly thank God for those who take the time and make the sacrifices necessary to be part of a Mission Team and to join us in what God is doing!

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