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Kelvis Natanael

Nov. 13, 2013

Parramos, Guatemala

Kelvis is a nice, sweet and very active child. Sometimes he is restless, but he is learning to follow his parents' instructions so that when he has the opportunity to study, it will not be difficult for him to follow instructions from the teachers. Mr. Kelvis is 34 years old, and is a father who tries his best to provide what is necessary for his family. Unfortunately he does not have a stable job, so he looks for any opportunity that comes his way. Mrs. Maria Luz is 34 as well, and is a mother dedicated to her family. She supports her husband by also selling ‘snow cones’ from home. Kelvis’ only sibling at the moment is his brother Cristen Josue, who is 13 years old and studies in 7th grade. This family rents a house, which has a room and kitchen. They have 3 beds, 1 table and 5 chairs. Kelvis’ parents pray that he will be able to have a better future. Would you be the blessing to help make their dream come true? WOULD YOU BE AN ANGEL IN KELVIS’ LIFE?


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Name: Kelvis Natanael

City: Parramos

Country: Guatemala

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