​​The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission

Jeffny Saint Louis

Sept. 29, 2011

Cap-Rouge, Haiti

Jeffny is a 6 year old little girl who attends the Arms of Jesus School and is in 1st preschool grade. She attends School in faith that a sponsor will be found. She likes to play games with other children her age. This family lives in a 2 room wooden house, which is not in good condition. They have one bed and a table as furniture. They use firewood in their kitchen, and walk far for drinking water. Jeffny is often sick, and her parents cannot afford medical care, let alone other needs such as education, food, clothing etc. Her parents are both farmers and what they get from it is not even enough for their needs. They cultivate the soil but the severe climate changes are not helping them to achieve their goal, which is to produce enough to sell and consume. Jeffny cannot count on her parents to take care of her as they are unable to even take care of themselves. They rely heavily on the help from Jeffny’s grandparents for food, but the grandparents’ situation is not getting any better financially. Jeffny needs a helping hand to encourage her, and give her a bright future. WOULD YOU BE AN ANGEL IN JEFFNY’S LIFE?


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Name: Jeffny Saint Louis

City: Cap-Rouge

Country: Haiti

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