​​The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission

Genelson Andre

July 11, 2014

Cap Rouge, Haiti

Genelson is a boy living in Cap Rouge, and was born on July 11th 2014. He is not attending school yet. He likes to play soccer and with a toy piano. Mrs. Francia, Genelson’s mother, is not a cultivator but she buys food products in the Cap Rouge’s market and sells them in downtown Jacmel. The profit is almost nothing, as the capital is very little. Genelson's father, Mr. Jesnel, is a cultivator since his younger days, but the soil is not producing much. What he harvests is not even enough to feed the family. They rely mostly on Genelson’s mother’s little business. Genelson’s parents would like to send him to school soon but they already know they cannot afford it. Francia would like to have a bigger capital so she can buy more products to get better profits in order to help Genelson receive an education. Genelson would like to attend school this year but his parents are unable to send him. WOULD YOU BE THE ANGEL IN GENELSON’S LIFE?


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Name: Genelson Andre

City: Cap Rouge

Country: Haiti

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