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Cristopher Alexander

June 20, 2012

Parramos Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Cristopher Alexander is kind, smart, loving, and very helpful at home. Despite his mother’s illness, he is a happy child with a desire to play. He would like to start classes soon at the AOJ School as he likes games! Cristopher’s mother Mildred Azucena, is 24 years old and suffers from an accident two years ago that left her in a wheelchair. Her husband, Luis Carlos left home so this young mother and her two children live on the love and support of their relatives, who are also very poor but makes an effort to support them. Mildred is having exams done to see if there is a possibility for an operation that could help her walk again. She prays asking God for a miracle, as her children need her. Cristopher’s older brother is Anderson Josué who is 7 years old and studies in 1st grade. The house is rented, and shared with two other families. Cristopher’s family has 2 beds and a closet, and they have water and electricity. His mother has been praying that her beloved son could receive an education to learn more about God, and to have a better future. WOULD YOU BE THE ANGEL IN CRISTOPHER’S LIFE?


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City: Parramos Chimaltenango

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