​​The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission

Anyelen Abigail Lopez Lopez

March 13, 2014

Parramos, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Anyelen is a kind girl who loves to play. She wishes to start going to school soon as she loves the wooden play sets at the Arms of Jesus School. Recently Anyelen’s health has been affected by severe colds, but praise the Lord, her health is now improving. Anyelen´s father, Cesar Mauricio, is 32 years old. He works as a door-to-door salesperson. One of his problems is that he drinks alcohol and can be an irresponsible man. But he has now accepted Jesus as his Savior, and is committed to attending AOJ´s School for Parents in order to learn more about God. His wife, Melita Izabel, strives to always be encouraged and joyful in the midst of her trials. Melita trusts that God will provide for what she needs. The home in which Anyelen and her family lives is made of block. They have two beds and one dresser. In the kitchen they have one table, four chairs, and a small gas stove. They sometimes cook with firewood in a Lorena Stove (a traditional stove built with sand and clay) they built themselves. They also have water and electricity. Anyelen´s parents pray for someone with a caring heart to help their daughter Anyelen to have a better future. WOULD YOU BE AN ANGEL IN ANYELEN ABIGAIL´S LIFE?


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City: Parramos, Chimaltenango

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